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Think picking the finest Student Backpack is easy? Believe again

Ever since the history of man is recorded, distinct race and culture has used backpack in a variety of forms and shapes. Given the many uses of backpacks in various facets of our life, it is a fact that is not startling whatsoever. If you are say someone with fixation for traveling and used to doing it on your own (free-and-easy), you know the best-rated backpacks are ones that can conveniently store all sort of property, from gears to invaluables to clothings. If you are a college student, you'll need the best-rated school backpack to take your stuffs - to tablets and laptop from textbooks. This isn't mentioning the other more everyday uses of backpacks like fashion accessories.

It is important to define exactly what objectives is your backpack anticipated to serve when you are buying a brand new backpack. Your hunting - whether it's for the best-rated college backpack or others - will be a whole lot easier if this is clear to you since the start. I'm saying this only because backpack is a generic term and there are so many backpack brands to select from, with each likely to have its own market dominance in niches or certain needs. If for example the best-rated backpacks for college is what you're interested in, you only need to focus your search on brands like High Sierra instead and can forget about backpack reviews that discuss brands like Teton. From here alone, you can see how you can save time by zooming in early and focus just on the brands that cater to your needs.

Hunting for the ultimate backpacks is becoming increasingly hard and this is because the sheer variety of options that one needs to pick from and the exact purpose that each backpack was designed for. Hence, it is good to begin your hunt by searching for the finest backpack reviews online rather than simply randomly pick a model to start with. But do not just blindly go through any backpack reviews though. If you are hunting for a hiking daypack, you do not need to end up going through laptop backpack reviews which can be entirely insignificant and just lead to confusion.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that extinction isn't something that is certainly applicable as it pertains to backpack. Nonetheless, I am convinced backpack designs will have to evolve continuously in order to keep up with the changing lifestyle and fashion trends. I'm sure no one has the definite reply, if you ask what would the size of backpacks be in the future. It's a question where the answer will be determined by how small and thin future computing devices will be. With all the ballyhoo surrounding foldable screen technology, it is a matter of when (and not if) this technology will become a reality and when that occurs, laptop sizes will undoubtedly shrink to half or possibly less than their present sizes. It is time for backpack manufacturers to begin designing smaller backpacks, when this becomes a reality.

My Favorite Armani Exchange Watches

I work in the clothing industry. Day in day out, my job deals with all the trendy and many of them, funky designers. There is a ancient saying that goes, when you are in Rome, you have to act like the Roman. For me to not feel out of place with all the people that I work with every day, I cannot afford to be slacking when it comes to my attire. While I do love jeans and t-shirts, I would have been seen as awkward and it would make my job more difficult if I am seen as not being on the same wavelength as them.

armani exchange watch

I am forced to revamped my wardrobe when I took on this job. In the end, I settled for the Armani Exchange brand. The reason? It is not that I don't love Emporio Armani. But the price tag that comes with the brand is simply beyond my reach. As I need to dress up every day, I need all kinds of attires for all kinds of occasions and to meet all kinds of designers. If I do not have such need, I would probably have stick with Emporio Armani.

Anyway, I have no regret in choosing the A|X brand. To match all my clothings, I have to have few watches. Some of my watches are plain simple, with colors no other than black or white. The rest of my watches? They come in a mixture of colors. Blue. Orange. Red. For all my watches, I am still comfortable with the Armani Exchange watches. As Armani Exchange watches are designed to be chic, cool and youthful, it fits my image perfectly.

Of all my Armani Exchange watches, there is one model that I am so deeply in love with, more so than the rest of the A|X watches found in my wardrobe. My favorite is none other than the black analog watch that I bought more than 3 months ago. I love it because it is simple and one of the most perfect black watch that I have ever come across. Other than the look, I feel the watch is well designed and feels comfortable when worn.

Second on my favorite list of Armani Exchange watches is the one with black and red rubber strap. While there may be many red colored watches, this one is among my all-time favorite. I feel that the red, silver and black color combination are so perfectly blended to create a watch of such aesthetic. It looks expensive but costs much less than it appears. This watch is the one watch that I received the most compliments from.

These are my favorite Armani Exchange watches. How about you? I'm sure you have your own favorite.

My boyfriend is turning 21 and I am buying him a watch. What should be my budget?

Your boyfriend is turning 21 and you are thinking of getting him a watch as a present. But with so many brands and models to choose from, you don't know which to buy and you are confused where to start. You have no idea on what kind of budget would be reasonable so as he would not think that you are cheapskate. If these questions are swirling around in your mind right now, read on and hopefully at the end of this article, I would have shed some light to help you answer some of your questions.

Let me first begin with brands. When choosing a watch, the most important thing you need to know is the brand reputation. There are brands which I consider as watch specialist. These are brands that focus only on watches as their core business and everything else is secondary. Then there are brands which I consider as designer label. These are brands that focus on making fashion apparels and watches is just part of a larger picture.

relic watch

The two type of brands offer two signficantly different value proposition. The first type, which is watch specialist, offer superior watch technology and usually boast the state-of-the-art technology. Example of brands belonging to this first type are Seiko, Citizen, Tissot and Casio G-Shock watches. Each of these brand example has more than at least a decade of reputation and they are usually the pioneer of the industry. For example, G-Shock watches are known for its extreme toughness and super durable materials used for the casing and watch strap. Citizen watches are best-known for their efficient battery and power management.

The second type, which is designer label, focuses on chic style and design for their watches. Examples of brands belonging to this second type are Armani watches, Armani Exchange watches, Relic watches, Diesel watches and Michael Kors. Based on these few examples alone, you know that these are brands that are well-known for their trendy fashion apparels. Their focus is on lifestyle and trend setting, but not on watches. Naturally, you should expect these labels to offer watches that are more stylish but less sophisticated in terms of the real watch technology. Personally, I love Relic watches because of the attractive styles and prices they are offering.

Next, let me move on to the budget. Anything that involves money, is always a sensitive topic. When buying a gift for your boyfriend, particularly to mark 21st birthday, one of the most significant milestone in a man's life, you do not want to set your budget too low. It is true that money does not equate love, but it is always worthwhile to set the budget right. If you set your budget too low, you would not likely to find a decent watch. As your guy is turning 21, he would soon be starting his career and if you want to constantly remind him of your presence, you should get him a decent watch. A watch that he would find it fitting to project a clean and professional image. I am not here to tell you how much you should set your budget for one of the most important gift in his life. At this stage, a budget in the range of $100-$300 would be something I consider reasonable. There is no need to overspend. With the kind of budget, it would afford you a decent watch, whether one from the watch specialist or the fashion label. If he still thinks that you are a cheapskate, then it may be sign that you should re-think carefully about your relationship.


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